My Little Pony offers resignation in haiku via Twitter

Dear Lord. Pony Boy, you are the gift that keeps on giving, aren’t you? First you provided everyone in the Valley with years of entertainment as you steered a once-great publicly traded company into the weeds. Changing the ticker symbol to JAVA. Open-sourcing everything you could lay your hands on. And now this. A resignation, in haiku, over Twitter. Does it get any better? Can it possibly?

The answer is, yes it can. Because now Jonathan Schwartz has sparked a new meme in the Valley — tribute haikus.

Like this one by Jon Ive:

too busy blogging
lose billions on open source
CEO no more

And this one by Phil Schiller:

glossy ponytail
pretending to be open
freak flag snagged by truth

And this one by Larry Ellison:

pony recommends
cut all useless employees.
good idea. bye.

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