My Little Pony: A look back

As longtime readers know, we’ve had a lot of fun with My Little Pony over the years, including the posting of the video above, which was created by one of our readers and is just plain fucking wrong.

Truth is, we’re going to miss MLP. He’s been one of the blog’s best recurring characters, right up there with Bike Helmet Girl, Uncle Fester, Beastmaster Bill and Goatberg. What a lot of people don’t know is that Jonathan’s blog was kind of the inspiration for this blog. That’s true. I was so inspired by what he was doing that I decided another CEO should do a blog, too.

In honor of Jonathan, I’ve asked Iulia and Natasha, our interns in Krasnodar, to dig up some of our past items on the Pony Boy. They’ve come up with some great ones, including one where we wonder how long Jonathan can keep blaming the economy when everybody else around him, like IBM, HP, Oracle, Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc., are doing okay:

That crazy old economy can be so selective sometimes.

Then some others:

It’s official: My Little Pony has lost his mind.

Schwartz lectures Tony Blair on blogging.

My Little Pony calls, stomping his hooves.

Not so fast, My Little Pony.

Watch out, HP and IBM — Sun is about to unleash a new slogan.

And finally, the one that may be best of all:

It’s official: Java now worth zero.

The last link contains this prescient gem:

“I’m sorry but I gotta say this. For those of us in the Valley who once admired Sun, it is just terribly sad to see this once-great company lurching around in a death spiral with this mad phony hippie at the controls. Say what you will about Scooter — and God knows I’ve said a lot — but at least he would have gone down fighting. Heck, even Palmisano at IBM has had the good sense to sell off the pieces of his company rather than just give them away.”