Mosspuppet flubs his lines

Check out this video. We rehearsed this “impromptu” interview at least 50 times before the show. We gave Mossberg three questions:

Will books cost more on iPad than on Kindle?

How long can iPad play music?

Can I write my review on it?

So we get there, and Kara fires up her stupid Flip camera and we get going and suddenly he throws in this bit about how long is the battery life for reading books, and you guys aren’t using E Ink and whatever, and I’m looking at him like, Have you lost your mind? What the fuck are you doing? You’re just going to start ad libbing?

Which is why I pointed out to him that what you do is, see, if the battery gets low, you plug the fucking thing in. Problem solved.

And the guy wonders why we’ve stopped giving him new devices in advance.

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