More Top Google “iPad” search results skewed

JOBS:You've asked for this Squirrelboy, you'll wish you've never left the comfort of your mother's vagina! SCHMIDT: Bring it on, Jobso, I've practically declared war on China, c'mon, iLiver!

It’s getting worse and seems to be proving Steve Jobs point that Google may be in fact evil, after all. When you enter iPad, and only that word in your search, the top result, as you can see in this screen capture taken by yours truly this morning, four a.m. central standard (click image for bigger picture), the top results are articles desribing the Pad’s shortcomings, the next is Apple’s own page for the iPad. There is no defense against this Squirrelboy, we all have pretty good idea how Page Rank works. We’re onto to you! Good lord, Jobso, do we have to switch to Bing? Couldn’t you beta the Apple Search Engine already?