“Lou, this is Steve Jobs”

And so began the historic conversation. There’s a 71-year-old good ol’ boy down Woodstock, Georgia way y’all..goes by the handle of Louie Sulcer. Country music fan, seven stents in his heart and artificial hip sockets in his legs.  He got a personal call from Dear Leader, and he’s also got a 10K iTunes card, for being the lucky soul who downloaded the 10 billionth song on iTunes. It was a 1958 Johnny Cash song,  “Guess Things Happen That Way.” He got a Nano for his birthday last October, a gift from the kids.  He’s got about 100 songs in there, and “doesn’t even know what they all have” in that there iTunes vault.  Well, he’s gonna find out.  And dang it, can someone puh-leaze get this man more storage capacity?