Let there be no doubt, Jobs is the brains at Disney

Seriously, I don't make a stool until I consider, "How would Steve Jobs approach this?" He saved this company from ruin. We're thinking of replacing the solid gold Mickey statue with a platinum rendering of Steve Jobs, clapping his hands and making magic. It's tough to find the right artist. I lie awake at nights, crying into my pillow about it. I don't want to disappoint him. I renamed all my kids after him. Even the girls.

No doubt about it, I think I know who the inspiration for Steve Jobs was … it was Walt Disney. He inspired the same creativeness, sense of perfection, of magicality, sense of wonder, feelings of loyalty and jealousy and hate and …. you get the picture.  Iger regards Jobs as a “friend” and “sounding board “. The quote of inspiration here:

“One remarkable thing about Steve is how he sets expectations on people … I see that in the way he manages his people. He sets expectations for quality, challenging the status quo — and never accepts no for an answer.”

And you’ve never said “no” to Steve, yet, have you , Bob?