Latest Opera beta zooms past Chrome

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes over at ZDNet has just did some benchmark tests comparing the beta Opera 10.5 and it put Chrome to shame:

If I was Steve Ballmer, I would buy Opera out, ditch Internet Explorer and all the engineers who work on that sick puppy, use Opera as Microsoft’s new browser on desktop and mobile devices and don’t interfere with the Opera team. That would be money well spent and make users and shareholders very happy.

Opera Software CEO Lars Boileson - He's So Freakin' Honky!!!!

I don’t think this guy would say no at all – and he’s so honky!

UPDATE: Stephen Shankland, the whatchamacallit over at CNET begs to differ, he says the new Opera beta is a slowpoke. I suggests both parties re-test again, and somebody get it right. Opera has always been a speedy browser, so I’m kind of feelin’, Shanky, baby, there must be sumptin’ up with your numbers …