Just for the record, I am not running around New York in a top hat

That’s what got reported in New York mag — that I was wearing “a very funny hat — a big top hat kind of thing.” Then it got re-reported all over the place, like on the fanboy sites. Just so you know, this was one of our “marked fiver” tricks where make up a bunch of different stupid bits of info and we feed each one to a different person and then wait to see if any of them show up in the press, so we know who’s leaking. Safe to say that we got our man on this one. The other bits of fake info, in case you’re wondering, were that (a) I was walking with a cane; (b) I had a second-generation iPad with me and showed it to people at the Pranna dinner; and (c) I wore a white button-down shirt instead of my usual mock turtleneck. To those of you who received those items of information and did not repeat them, namaste and much love. You remain in good standing with Dear Leader.

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