Jobs to Cringely: Blu-Ray software and Adobe sucks!

You hafta' admit I'm right a third of the time, hmmm?

Robert X. Cringely, I love reading his stuff, even when he his pig-headedly, stubbornly wrong. For instance. There are two things he has stuck to his guns about Apple: they will buy Adobe or at very least Flash, and Apple will add Blu-Ray players to their Macs and laptops. Well, Steve Jobs very publicly came out and said what he thought about the products from Adobe and something about Blu-ray. [This is the same conversation where he declared Google’s don’t be evil mantra is bullshit, but we all know he said that pointedly to get at Squirrelboy.] In a nutshell he declared, “Blu-Ray software is a mess” and would not be supported by Apple anytime soon [oh, there’s hope, some you are saying. Don’t hold your freakin’ breath!], and tore a new one for Adobe calling them “lazy” and their software “buggy” and doesn’t play with Apple’s products very well.

You don't know me, you don't run this company, you don't tell me how to shit and I don't tell you how to jerk off, so shut the fuck up and go wank yourself silly and while your at it, go work up your sixty or so faggity fanboys into a cum-drunk stupor about what Squirrelboy and Larry and IBM are stirring up amongst themselves, b'okay? Now fuck off !!

Robert, give it up, will you. Admit defeat on this. As far as Jobs is concerned, Apple will not buy or use Adobe or Flash and Blu-Ray. The dream is over. Turn the page. Oh, and BTW. Apple is not going to buy Blockbuster out. Ever. Not for the real estate, not to set up media delivery kiosks nor to convert into Apple stores of any kind. Not even to sell AppleTV. That ship never left the busy blackboard that is your mind and your readers’ chalk-dust fevered imaginations.

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