I’ve been sick

Yeah, I’ve been near death, again, folks,

This was my problem, a bowel obstruction from adhesions from previous surgeries

and that’s not exaggerating, and I have no health insurance because I’m unable to afford any, thanks to this economy and all and the small minded people who have free quality health care for life (congresspeople and senators) who vote against the rest of us having the same, so I’m real pissed right now at every fucking government official, even Obama, who’s going to pass some half assed thing that’ll get destroyed by the Republicans the first chance they get, and no public option.  What the fuck is wrong with the German model, fer crissakes? They are not fucking socialists, they are more capitalistic than we will ever be and their system has been around and in place for over a hundred and thirty years and has outlived two world wars, including Hitler, for crying out loud,  and the cold war, and their economy is better than ours will ever be, they’re bailing out the Greeks, we’re not. As I see it, Goldman Sachs are the pricks who almost tanked one of our own friggin’ allies in Europe for personal fucking gain.  I hope those assholes responsible get kidnapped by the EYP, and tied to a piece of ancient Greek marble and thrown to the bottom of Aegean with rest of the ancient shipwrecks. If I was Geithner, right now I’d be watching my ass very closely, ‘cos these Eastern Mediterranean types are one of the most long memoried vengeful bastards on the planet. No Secret Service, no Pinkerton, not even Moshe can save you from these bastards.

I don't see anything but a girl in pigtails feeding a puppy while spillin' her ice cream cone .. awww , that's cute! You guys kill 'im, yet?

In fact, Moshe would probably step out of the way and let the chips fall where they may.