Hot analyst predicts iPhone price cuts

That’s nice. This Morgan-Stanley hack

I'm hawt. That's awl the credentials I need.

claims the introduction of theĀ  iPad and competition from Google and Microsoft will necessitate Apple dropping the price on its iPhone and iTouch. Well, she cashed another paycheck, didn’t she? What a great job. Get up, go to office. Make up some BS charts and graphs, make up some BS about what some company you don’t work for is going to do and sell that BS to clients, go home, money in bank. How do you land a job like that? Do you get a degree in BS after four years? Do you hafta’ go down on your knees in somebody’s office? Maybe you hafta’ buy a lotta’ kneepads, I dunno’, I’m just speculating here, analyzing the situation, as it is. You know what some of these other tech sites do, now? They put a hot chirpy blond on who has no friggin’ idea what she’s talking about but knows how to read a telelprompter. Check the knees, I say. eWeek won’t allow me to repost their video on Rabid Fanboy but you can link to this bubbly blonde’s report here. Take your time I’ll wait. All done?

I have a worldwide audience, mostly lonely masturbating Russian and Argentinian code jockeys, but I respect them, I respect them all.

Such a professional, or as professional as an intern with strong knees can get. I bet she can barely operate her Palm Pixie or Android phone. Watch this one closely though, I’m sure she’ll get hired by Fox before the bloom goes off her sweet dewy rose.