Governor Rick Perry is over protective

Afghanistan Wedding Crasher

As the Republican gubernatorial race heats up in Texas, incumbent Rick Perry wants the guv’ment to lend him a few of them there Predator planes to patrol the Texas border and keepĀ  them there Yankee carpetbagger liberals immigrants, drug runners and terrorists in check.

We gotta' stop dem druggies 'n' freeloaders before they derail mah fahn ee-konna-mee!

“Why not fly them from Brownsville to El Paso?” Perry said.

This is the guy who has a worse record for executing people on Death Row, even when they’re innocent, and the parole board recommended pardoning, but instead, he fired the parole board members and stacked ’em up with a bunch of head-nodding bumpkins. So, he wants the guv’ment to give him control of a weapon that stalks people undetected in the sky and wipes ’em out in two seconds. You see, before the military ever fires their Predators, they bend over backwards into a fine Czech pretzel to ensure that the target is present and there is little to no

Whut? Ah lauks blud on mah handz, duzn't everybody?

collateral damage. Now this shoot-from-the-hip maniac running the show in Austin, right now, wants this technology to blow up some Mexicans he don’t like, an’ mebbe’ some other people, too. Crap, he might instigate a war between the U.S. and Mexico, just for fun. At least the state of Arizona is employing the Predators sanely, just for observation, and it’s controlled by the U.S. Border Patrol.

Why should you Californians or other Americans care what happens here in yee-hah Texas? Well, if the technology being used to erase insurgents in Asia starts being deployed surreptitiously in our backyard, supposedly for our protection, what safeguards do we have to protect us from some of the wacko, overly ambitious sonsofbitches in office, local law enforcement and your friendly National Guard from employing these spies in the skies against innocent civilians? They’re better and cheaper than satellites, droogies. Imagine a state or executive order to kill on contact some suspect and you or a loved one becomes collateral damage? Yeah, it’s against the Fourth Amendment, and a few others, but when has that stopped any maniac in office before? Dick Cheney wiped his ass with the Fourth Amendment. I hope it gave him ‘roids. But that’s cold comfort to the lives of millions of innocent people in this country and worldwide he has already ruined. But you want them drones floatin’ aroun’ outside your family BBQ, while it’s spyin’ on the meth dealer next door? One warrant and order to fire and wrong move could ruin your day. Enjoy your freedom. And your free dumb while you have it.