Google PageRank idea plagiarised

This model was well known to most third year physics students with absolutely no life, pre-1998

Why is this not so surprising? Everything about Google has been like an homage to Microsoft, right down to this recent expose in Technological Review. Was not MS-DOS a quick and dirty rip-off of C/PM?

What, Me Plagiarize?

Now we find the heart of Google’s empire is a rip-off of other people’s work.There’s standing on other people’s shoulders but this is clearly kicking them in the face once you secured yourself to the cliff wall.

Suddenly, it all becomes clear. No wonder Apple kicked Schmidt off the board of directors. The very- secret-soon-to-be-unreleased-from-Apple search engine is going to be the new “Macintosh” – why have Schmidt nosing around, stealing ideas and implementing it in Google – just like Microsoft stole the idea of Windows from the Apple? This new search engine is going to be so intuitive , it’ll be spookier than when Google first came out. It spit out exactly the results you need. It will find what you want and what you didn’t know you needed but are ever so grateful to have. Words, images, sounds, no restrictions, magically, child like, no more porn or libido and debt consolidation ads, no more malicious cookies, no more trojan horses lying in wait on web pages waiting to ruin your day. The day when real organized search that works for you and only you is at hand.

Anyhoo, here’s a fine tribute to Larry and Sergey by the great Tom Lehrer.