Google gets a free rectal exam from NSA

Now cough, Schmidt!

If anything, we’re educational here on Rabid Fanboy. Due to recent online incursions allegedly by the Chinese government or its minions, Google is allowing itself to be “tested” and “prodded” by the NSA, while the NSA promises not to violate Google’s privacy policies.

Just what the PhDs at Mountainview ordered

Yeah, right, we know how much Google

Honestly, Lastangelman, your directness and crudity can be downright distressing. Can you not tone it down?

promises are worth lately – a big steaming pile of bullshit! So, now the government may, allegedly get up in all our business we do on Google. It was going to happen, sooner or later, people. Apparently, it’s OK if the US Government sniffs around Google’s architecture, not the Chinese. When’s the last time the NSA hasn’t stepped on civil liberties in the name of national security? Yeah, I can’t remember,  either.

We're just making sure there aren't any Chinese hacker commies hiding up there ... now, deep breath!

And most of everyone out there won’t really care at all, until it’s too late, and it finally hits home.

The problem is not whether the government or a corporation is charged with internet security, it’s their track record and reliability. So far we’re collecting a lot of bagels everywhere.