Bruuuuuuuce! … is a lying hypocrite

Oppressed Working Class Bruce

Have any of you freetards been following this story? ASCAP filed a lawsuit against a rotting nest of iniquity poor little

Millionaire Rock'n'Roll Star Bruce

defenseless Irish pub in a semi-affluent up and coming upscale neighborhood nestled away in a nondescript corner of New York City because they couldn’t be bothered forgot couldn’t afford the exorbitant perfectly reasonable ASCAP license fees. You can’t play music in any public place unless you purchase a license from ASCAP, BMI, sometimes SESAC and occasionally the extremely litigious efficient Harry Fox Agency.

Troublemaking Cunt Reporter

The lawsuit was filed in Bruce’s name as well as in the name of several other songwriters, as is the practice, because these songwriters unions act in your name to protect your copyright and make damn well sure you get paid. Some troublemaker decided to write about what is a fairly regular everyday occurrence and blow the whole story out of proportion. Tryin’ to make out that Bruce is a villain. Now, Bruce has got this image as the hero of de workin’ man. Anti-fat cat. A man of de people. One of de oppressed. So, because of this meddlesome know-nothing cunt and her fucking shit-stirring editor, Bruce goes to ASCAP and says, “Aye ain’t know nothin’ about this shit an’ Aye don’ wan’ mah name on this fat cat lawsuit aginst sum l’il guy barkeep tryin’ ta’ make people happy and earn an honest livin’ …”

Normally, if Bruce Springsteen was some twenty five year old kid with a couple albums under his belt and a little wet behind the ears, I’d chuckle and I’d say Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, you’re so freakin’ naive sometimes … except he ain’t. He’s sixty freakin’ years old and has been in the business of rock’n’roll for over forty years. It’s the biggest crock of shit and worst implementation of RDF I’ve ever seen or heard. Bruce has had his name on dozens upon dozens of lawsuits filed by ASCAP against bars, restaurants, hotel chains, universities, arenas, even fucking radio stations where they played his music without paying ASCAP fees, that is the performance fee, the fee that gives you the right to perform a person’s song in a public setting. Technically, these performance rights societies could even sue buskers or street performers, and I wouldn’t fault ’em if they ever had, because that’s their fucking job. Because songwriters used to get screwed royally back in your great granddaddy’s day, they got together and formed these societies to make sure they got paid every time a piece of piano music was sold, a goddamn nickel was dropped in the nickelodeon, an orchestra or band performed your music in a public hall or restaurant. These things were set up to protect everyone, from the one hit wonders to Stravinsky to Michael Jackson.

Anyhow, Bruce has always been in the know about these lawsuits and has defended them vehemently and has sat on several symposiums sponsored by ASCAP describing how important is their work. I have video and audio tape of Bruce explaining this stuff and taking questions from an audience.

You got a problem with me? I know your sister and your two cousins. They live right down the road from me. Just sayin' ... now lay off.

So this RDF working class hero jive is not cutting it with me and shows that Bruce is now a weaselly hypocrite. What’s more important Bruce, defending the little guy songwriter who always gets screwed or some cheap ass booze purveyor getting rich off your hardwork? If you’re that pissed about it, quit ASCAP and re-assign your copyrights to the Creative Commons or go all the fucking way make them Public Domain. Are you a socialist or a capitalist, Bruce? Your fucking call.

Bruce, you're a tool and a capitalist pig... so lighten up, will you?

UPDATE:Ani DiFranco is about as socialist as a DIY capitalist can get, and thinks Bruce has got it all ass-backwards. You go Ani!