Blogs not cool, dude – oh crap!

What's Lastangelman blogging now? Oh, wow, Larry's penis is how many petabytes?

Kids are just that not into blogging or even Twitter, anymore. Facebook is the bomb for them. It’s immediate, you’re not restricted by 140 characters, it’s got Zinga games, which are like drugs, you know, and stuff, you know. Oh man, do we hafta’ shift this blog to Zuckerborg’s realm? Don’t be surprised if Microsoft and Google start a bidding war for this property, the question is, will Zuckybaby be super stupid like Jerry Yang, or super smart like Mark Cuban? All eyes on status, please.

Nyeah, nyeah, I'm smarter than you, Jerry, nyeah, nyeah!

JERRY: Caaaaarol! Mark won't stop teasing me! CAROL: Jerry, just man up or shut the fuck up ... your velvet curtains are flappin' in the breeze ... sheesh, you're embarrassing me and the whole friggin' company ... again!!