Azure intro goes into stealth mode

Yep, those customers will be streaming in, any time now, wanna' go out for a coffee?

After the whiz bang whistles flourish skyrockets in the sky of both Windows 7 and

the Microsoft Store, you’d think Redmond would be even buying time on the Super Bowl to introduce the business world to Azure, it’s on-line cloud computing system alternative to Amazon Ec2 or Rackpace’s Cloud Servers. Fuck no, Redmond just quietly opened the store yesterday without so much as a gift bag or a postcard or e-mail and hoped people would walk in and look around. Instead of taking the plunge and betting the farm, like Bill Gates was always known to do, Ballmer is just dipping his toes in the water, he’s too reticent, he prefers the waters he knows best, operating systems and servers systems sold and leased at tiered structured levels. Is there any doubt, Redmond is gonna’ go the way of the old AT&T? They’re like, I dunno’, say,  a forty-eight year old guy who’s still basking in his former glory years, he’s about forty-five pounds overweight and doesn’t acknowledge it, even though his knees have been groaning for a few years now. The younger guys have been passing him by, he’s a little worried, and sorta’ tries to catch up, which is kinda’ comical ‘cos he doesn’t quite know how nor does he know why he’s falling behind, yet, he still thinks he’s the king because he used to have this raging horse cock and all the dim bulb broads from miles around used to line up around the block ‘cos they couldn’t wait to get violated, but now he’s lucky if he finds anyone close to his age that’ll bend over for him, ‘cos they’re wise to him and his shenanigans now and are frankly tired of getting screwed by him, of course,  all the younger virile gals are laughing at him in his face every time he tries propositioning them, ‘cos they know his ol’ horse cock can barely get hard anymore. And as he gets older, and the broads his age and older start wandering off in search of younger more on the ball guys, ‘cos this schmuck just doesn’t have the same pep he still thinks he got, and even the once mighty pile of ka-ching is  dwindling down. It’s almost kinda’ sad, really,  but I’m too busy laughing my ass off.