Windows for Cars – uh-oh!

Look at this display very closely - it may take a life, some day

ZDNet can’t stop the superlatives about how great Ford’s next generation of automobiles will be Internet driven and use all that great Touch and Sync technology based on voice and touch commands. It all sounds great (except the bit about hearing your Twitter feeds while your freakin’ driving)

why use your iPhone or NexusOne when the dashboard browser can just as easily distract you from driving and getting you and your loved ones killed?

until one gets near the end and finds out who was the software partner – twasn’t in-house, twasn’t free or open source people like Red Hat or Novell (actually, something like this is wayyyyy out of their league), nor IBM, or even Sun Microsystems, I’d expect something like this would be up My Little Pony’s alley – nope, this is a Microsoft endeavor. I will not be the one experiencing schadenfreude when some glitch in the software results in some poor soul or family going to the hospital or worse. This is a car, folks, not a PC. When a PC fails, it’s frustrating, it’s annoying, it’s an emotional hemorrhoid. When a car fails, a four to six thousand pound loaded missile of metallic alloys, safety glass, gasoline and polyvinyl chloride, it’s a catastrophic disaster. Microsoft has not proven itself in any way , shape or form of producing stable, reliable software – ever. If Microsoft products are stable and safe, why the hell is there a Patch Tuesday? Sorry, Ford and Kia, I’m avoiding your stuff like the plague, you partnered unwisely. And don’t give me that Microsoft is ubiquitous crap – so is dental plaque and ass cancer, and nobody puts up with either of those scourges any longer.