What to expect Wednesday

I live for these moments, I really do

On the off chance, the tablet is held up and not featured this Wednesday, [ now what, you hyper-hysterical babies, look, you just wet your seats, don’t scream and carry on like that, now look, who fainted, somebody throw cold water on their faces, oh my fucking god, I’ll wait … ] what other stuff can we look forward on Wonderday? CNET is concentrating on updates to the iPhone (a new OS, a Verizon iPhone, a 4th gen handset, a 4G iPhone), the fanboi websites are loudly whispering a 22″ touchscreen iMac, there’s been talk of revamping or retiring the Air (let’s face it, that really was Apple’s entry into the netbook market, folks, and people complained), and perhaps a new iTouch with a larger screen (I’m not holding my breath on that one, nothing is panning out to support that rumor at all). Then there is that possible reveal of the Apple search engine.

a splendid time is guaranteed for all

You know what I’m waiting for, doncha’? The Beatles finally on iTunes, with Paul McCartney and or Ringo Starr to serenade crowd at end of show. That will be my prediction for the “oh … and one more thing …”