Web meets phone

Unless you’re residing in a cave somewhere in the Antarctic, you knew that Google was going to release their new phone today, and to no one’s surprise…they did. Key quote from the Q&A: “Q: Is this phone an iPhone Killer? A: The message isn’t to iPhone/Apple folks, but to consumers. The goal is to produce a great phone that people will like.”  Yeah, sure, of course.  Personally, I think it needs more cowbell.  But we like it.

CNET covered it here. Ars Technica has a great photo show here, and look at that huge phone.  Like the lab coats, too. (Memo: check eBay tonight.) Gizmodo has more pix here. Arrington’s review is here, and he likes it a lot.  “Unlike previous Android phones, and I’ve used most of them, the Nexus One has no obvious flaws or compromises. The phone is the state of the art in mobile, and I will use it happily. Until, as I always say, something better comes along.” Mosspuppet, meanwhile, isn’t fazed one bit.

Now, what else do we have coming up in January?

Part I: Set ‘er up

Part II: Use it