U.S. Space Shuttle program (1981-2010)

It’s the last year of the Space Shuttle before NASA puts ’em up on the block at a sweet 28.8 million clams. The engines are free, you hafta’ pay transport cost. Man, I always got a kick out of seeing these babies stopover here in Dallas while piggybacking on a modified 747 . Wonder what it’d take to modify one of those as the ultimate trailer park camper? Or fixin’ it up to tool up and down Greenville Ave or Davis Street on a Saturday night?

Meanwhile, some Major Tom left his baggie in the shuttle hangar and the stash was found by the NASA narcs. BUSTED! Gives new meaning to this song, doesn’ it?

If you’re a space travellin’ fan hopin’ to watch a liftoff in person in all its ballistic glory or a some real sick disaster collector ( you know, people who watch NASCAR for the crashes) who’s hopin’ for one more ‘splosion o’er the East Florida coast (I personally hope you get knocked silly by some shuttle shrapnel, shithead!) , now’s the time to start bookin’that Florida NASA vacation.