U.S. may step in between Google & China

Well, duh. It’s one thing if Micro-Hoo pulls out (or not ) from China, but Google is not only threatening to pull out, it is planning to give back to China the same kind of McLovin’ it got recently in return. These are mad twisted idealistic geeks and Schmidt can barely control this crowd once they get their mind set on something. If this was about business, Ron Kirk or some other third rate banana would be mediating this – notice that Hillary is involved.

From The Wall Street Journal:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Google’s allegations “raise very serious concerns and questions,” and that “we look to the Chinese government for an explanation.” But later, a State Department spokesman said the dispute was within “the range of issues” that normally define U.S.-China relations, adding that it “is a broad, it is a deep, it is an expanding and durable relationship.”

Translation: we think we just avoided the first cyber war, had a long talk with the geeks and promised them we’d talk turkey with China and make China promise not to do that again. Please don’t fuck with the Chinese, they got, like, $42 trillion in T-bills, okay?

video from WSJ

Interestingly enough, Ballmer literally shrugged his shoulders. “We get attacked everyday. Not by the Chinese, but so what? Get used to it.” Oooooh, who wants to play connect the dots?

more video:

Despite more poisoned toys, don’t expect Wal-mart to stop shopping over there.