Today’s iSlate rumor roundup

As January 27th looms, (yes, the latest date,) we’ll see more and more stories about the iSlate.  (The default name until someone thinks of something else. Thinking iVaporware?  Too long.) This says it’s shipping in March, period. This says the cost is 1K.  MG at TechCrunch and Joe Wilcox at Betanews will continue sniping at each other.  Anyway. This article maintains that in fact, the tablet is already among us, and it is called the Kindle.  Well, OK, I can see that logic. What caught my eye were these quotes.

“Unfortunately, your mom doesn’t give a (whoops!) about Steve – nor do most people.”

“Unless Steve Jobs has managed to change the law of physics, his tablet will have a traditional retina-burning screen to allow it to display movies and web content.”

People care about Dear Leader.  To the point of hysterical obsession.  And he can change the laws of physics, whenever it suits him.  He invented the iPod and the iPhone- have you heard of them?