The tablet is freaking us all out

Not only because the tablet is a historical product that will put a dent in the universe that’s as profound as iPhone. It is that. But it’s more. I’m not sure how to say this, but the tablet is exhibiting some spooky capabilities. Like we keep hearing reports from engineers who say they come in and find their tablet prototype glowing. Or talking in weird languages that it shouldn’t know.

Weirdest story of all is this. The wife of one of the engineers on the tablet project has lupus. I don’t know the guy, or his wife, and frankly i don’t even know what lupus is. But anyway. Last week the guy managed to smuggle a prototype out of the campus and took it home with him so he could work on it at night. He showed it to his wife. She used it for a while. Next morning they wake up, and her lupus is gone. The guy rushes in to work and tells everybody what happened, and how the doctors can’t explain it, and we’re all totally freaked out. I mean it can’t be the tablet. But anyway, we fired the guy, and we’re probably going to sue him too. But it’s still pretty cool.

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