The Secret Smoker

As you can see here, smoking will put lines on your face

When I shopped at Fry’s, one of the eye-catching little add-ons you’d find while waiting at checkout line was these various collection of tins of flavored mints – chocolate, cinnamon, peppermint, etcetera. As someone who was in the process of quitting cigarettes, I found these a refreshing substitute for the seductive weed, I was also surprised after smoking for twenty years (a pack and a half a day) how easily I weaned myself from its grasp. Technically, I like to say I’ve stopped smoking for the moment, as I may occasionally, no more than five or six times a year, have one or two cigarettes, say in a group of like-minded folks at a party. No more six or seven ashtrays around the terminal overstuffed with cigarette butts, no more haze of tobacco as part of my countenance, no more dry hacking coughs. Also, I like to think I’m not some anti-smoking Nazi

I never smoked - I never ate meat - I never liked Jews - I went straight to the top of my field - and never looked back

like some converts, I’m way more reasonable and am comfortable around smokers and don’t lecture. It is a filthy habit like masturbating on a public bus or picking your nose and sharing it with others, but it’s still a personal choice and I respect that. Unfortunately, there are many others who are ostracized, can’t or won’t quit, and for those people, Melinda Becker has written a compelling article in the WSJ on the travails of being a part time smoker.

Barry, if you’re reading this, I feel your pain!