The ominous drumming of the keyboard

I just heard something from my Google contact that is … interesting. In this fracas involving the Chinese government, Google may be preparing to fight fire with fire. The quote from my source, “Google may be going to war”, and then a pause before he hung up made me feel a bit uneasy. If a U.S. based corporation, no matter how big, engages in what amounts as acts of espionage towards a foreign government, how does the U.S. government respond, especially if it undermines U.S. foreign policy? Are we prepared for what may be the very first true cyber war? Hey, what if this interrupts with the production of the almighty iSlate?

The Big Money is applauding Google for now (here and here)and so is and here). I’m kind of waiting for Sarah Palin to have a say, I’m almost certain it’ll be both priceless and foreboding.

I can see China from the Internet!