The new iPad

Go to Apple store now. Watch the video. Enjoy. Namaste.


Why the fuck AT&T still?


Because in eighteen months the 4G model which will run on Verizon’s network will be officially ready. They’re still testing the new spectrum out.

Question: why iPad and not iSlate?

Answer: cos that’s how Apple rolls. I still think iPad sounds like something a woman shoves between her legs, but then again, I didn’t care for the name MacMini either, I thought it was a nom de plume of Verne Troyer.

Question: where’s the seamless link the way it hooks up with Apple TV?

Answer: Check back in eighteen months. The prototype has more features than the one they’re kicking out the door, IF that is the one that’s ready,  can’t wait for Mark III version already!

Question: I wanna buy the goddamn miracle of Jobs now! Where do I go? What do I do?

Answer: Go here, people. You will be notified. Developers, you sign up here. Now!