The End Of Civilization As We Know It

Is it 2012? Is it 2012? Is it 2012?

I never laughed so much in days. I haven’t watched Bill O’Reilly in quite a long while, but since he was introducing Sarah Palin’s  as a news analyst, this was, sadly, much more compelling television than the unfolding tragedy in Haiti (how much proof do you need that there is no God? Or, if there is a God, he sure in hell loves torturing human beings).


I’ll let kooky Unca Bill have a word in here, gotta’ have that fair and balanced thing, you know:

“With her increased visibility, we can expect even more media attacks on Sarah Palin. But in my opinion, a loathing towards her by the press has made her much stronger in the eyes of the public. Her book Going Rogue is a huge best seller. Her speaking fees are in the six-figure range. And she’s a legitimate presidential contender in 2012, should she seek the office.”

And now, let’s check out this exchange between these two astute politicos:

“Nancy Pelosi … do you think that she’s a kook?”

“I think she, too, is quite disconnected from what her constituents are telling her — and constituents all over the country … ”

“Well, she’s a San Francisco liberal. But do you think she’s actually crazy?”

“I doubt that her San Francisco constituents even are enamored with her policies and with the guidance she is providing this country.”

“Is she further to the left in your opinion than Barack Obama?’

“Perhaps so, yes, yes.”

As long as people treat this as entertainment, I wouldn’t give a shit. Unfortunately, people actually swallow this, hook, line and sinker, and offer themselves up to be skinned, deboned and fryed in the pan. Well, that’s what happens when you live in a free and open society of 300+million people, some of them are going to be natural born no brained emotional gut-thinkers who have less capacity for individual thinking than a herd a sheep heading for the abbatoir.

It’s mutton stew and wool sweaters, tonight, folks!

UPDATE: Wow! I have well placed plant at FOX I forgot about momentarily! The word from her is that O’Reilly was initially threatened by Palin’s hiring, which explains all the left-handed compliments he paid her last night. After that performance last night, FOX pretty much doesn’t have a news analyst than something akin to one of those online artificial intelligence chatbot spouting off from a script.

Don’t believe me? Try it! It’s just like talking to Sarah Palin …