The born-agains are trying to copy my shtick

Much love to dear reader John for alerting me to a post titled, “What Pastors Can Learn from Steve Jobs.” It’s from some wackjob pastor dude named Justin Wise (in photo at right, in stylish sweater vest) and his advice is stuff like, have a theme, give people an outline, be enthusiastic, use visual aids and rehearse a lot. Just one problem — I do not believe in your crazy made-up Western “God.” I believe that what you are teaching people is at best a fairy tale and at worst an extremely dangerous and negative set of beliefs that have generally made the world a worse place and are too often used as a way to rob people. It sickens me to think of the way “Christians” have perverted the teachings of Jesus. It also sickens me to think that retards are copying my presentation techniques to spread their hateful, backward religion.

Then again, pastor dude does embed the following cheeseball “how to” video, and I must admit, I never get tired of seeing suit-wearing douchebags explain how they’ve reverse engineered my genius and now want to share their amazing insights with you. Now if you’ll excuse me I am going to go into my meditation room and primally scream until I get this nightmare out of my brain.