Tales from the Genius Bar: Poor Tiger

Great article here on Gizmodo about some of the things the The Geniuses have to endure behind The Bar. This Genius quote is beyond belief.

I open up the computer and immediately see the entire inside of the computer filled with orange hairballs the size of my fist. Upon seeing this the customer exclaims loudly and happily, “Oh Tiger, you left parts of yourself in there before you died!” I immediately say, “Excuse me,” and run to the back of house and sit stunned in the AppleCare room, begging someone else to take over the case for me.

Oh, there’s more. Here’s a quote from a frigtarded customer.

It’s your responsibility for the damage because you should have known that somebody’s dog would eventually pee in the computer and should have done something to protect it, like make it waterproof.

And of course, the photo below shows an Apple Store employee being punched by some total jerk.  Does this happen at the Microsoft Store? Of course not.  Apple fans are passionate.