T minus four hours and counting: Haters emerge

Sam Gustin is a writer for a website called DailyFinance. Seems like an amiable chap. Sam has decided to ingratiate himself to every Apple fan in the world by penning an opus titled “Apple Tablet: 10 Things We (Already Hate) About You.” Comments include “The first version of an Apple product is usually buggy.” OK, I’ll give him that. Hello, Leopard OS I bought October 27th, 2007?

Other remarks include “Something better is coming,” “You’re just going to break it, anyway,” (With that logic, why buy a Porsche?) and “Apple also built the world’s most infamous paperweight.”

My favorite, though, and totally contrary to doctrine: “You do not need to buy a new gadget every time Steve Jobs tells you to.”

Moshe has been diverted from his SFO flight to investigate.