RIP Adam Cartwright

Pernell Roberts, aka Adam Cartwright, died Sunday in Malibu at age 81. Ben Cartwright and his songs, Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe owned like all of Lake Tahoe. Just an unreal amount of land. We’d imagine Ben (Lorne Greene) gazing out over his empire. “I own all this.  I’m the man.” (There was a Ponderosa Ranch attraction in Lake Tahoe. We went there right before it closed in 2004. Some frigtard land developer closed it so he could build condos or whatever.  Never happened, yet the place lies dormant to this day. Sad.)

The tempestuous Roberts quit the show after the 6th season in 1965, and never returned.  He did go on to star in another series, “Trapper John, MD,” spun-off from the series MASH.

He always wore black, and was also rather serious and brooding on Bonanza.  Cool dude.