Prepare for the backlash

Because there is going to be one, trust me. This device isn’t as obvious as iPhone. It’s kind of subtle. Which means that those of you who have done the spiritual work to prepare for it will be fine, but those who haven’t done the work, well, they’re probably going to miss a lot of this at first. So you’ll see some noise about who needs this thing, it’s just a fancy desk ornament, and so on. I am telling you this now so that you can be ready for the harsh voices and they won’t hurt you when you hear them. Just let the negativity pass by you. Do not engage with it or try to fight it or argue with it. Step aside, and let the dark energy flow away.

Peace, enlightened beings. This is what you and I were put on earth to achieve. And that is what this device ultimately is about. Yes, you can read on it, and watch movies. But those are functions. Features. Those aren’t its purpose. The purpose of a device is something different altogether. What this is about is bringing people together to form the universal One, the great synchronization of human vibration in a global mesh of energy, like the planet in Avatar. That is the real goal. We are all one person. One spirit. I am inside you, and you are inside me. (Not really.) But anyway, do not allow yourselves to forget the higher purpose of what we are doing.

Oh, and we are totally going to fuck the cable carriers. But that too is just a side issue.

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