PCW:Headline of the decade

World Domination Boils Down to Apple vs. Google

God, that is a beautiful sight to behold. I just copied and pasted the headline from PCWorld right here. Twelve years ago, no one, including Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, would have dared dreamed such a thing. Microsoft is becoming less and less relevant every day. No matter what the Redmond posse does, the only direction it will go is down, until it either burns and crashes like the old AT&T, or divests its old baggage and changes its business model like IBM did, still a bane to its customers and foes, but a powerhouse nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Apple re-invented itself, the electronics industry, the music and video distribution industry, mobile communictions and soon will be poised to upset the natural order in the gaming and print industries, as well. Google figured out how to make money at search and do it well and re-defined the meaning of Beta as a business model and is set to dominate not only the processing of all data online while we collectively and happily surrender all our privacy, they’ll but do it as seemlessly and as invisibly as possible. Occasionally, these two behemoths will butt heads, scratch and snort, even draw blood now and again, but one gets the feeling it’s all show, doncha’ know?

All the same, it will be curious to see who the next behemoths in the ring will be in 2020.