Paul Saffo: “Steve creates a black hole and then fills it in with stars”

Dear sweet holy baby Jesus will you please please make the insanity stop already! The above quote comes from David Carr’s column in the New York Times this morning, in which he quotes Steven Levy, John Markoff, John Gruber, some dick from Gizmodo, magician David Blaine and futurologist Paul Saffo, who in addition to the cloying quote from the headline also manages to compare Apple to North Korea which I guess means I’m like King John Ill. Nice. Thanks Paul. You and all of your pals in this story are now officially banned from Apple. Except David Blaine, who I still think is kind of cool. And Steven Levy, who had an artificial uterus sewn into his abdomen and now is carrying my love child. Any dude who does that deserves a little extra consideration.