Patton Oswalt’s Comments on Leno/Conan Shakeup

Leno’s people have been trying desperately to shut this interview down, but it keeps popping up on YouTube like a bubble underneath wallpaper. I’ve recorded and will re-post if YouTube takes it down

Thanks to lIlIlIlIlllI

UPDATE: There is some Conan fans planning to ambush Jay the next time he goes out on one of his “Jaywalking” shoots and plan to physically break his legs and possibly his chin.

BONUS UPDATE: My Fair Lady just read this and remarked it’d be awfully hard to break Jay’s chin. Feh, they can use Jay’s chin to break his own legs!

DOUBLE BONUS UPDATE: Get your copy of Nixonland here. Here’s a Wikipedia entry of book.

TRIPLE BONUS UPDATE: Realizing his reputation is now somewhere between Dick Nixon and Joe Isuzu, Jay Leno is now ready to walk away from NBC so he doesn’t look like the bad guy who got Conan “fired”. Actually, I think it was the threat of having his legs broken with his own chin that made him rethink his current career path.