Only in America

Remember those pathetic White House gate-crashers?  I thought they’d landed in Gitmo.  Guess not.  Here they are in Las Vegas, paid 5K to “host” a party at the Pure nightclub. Ah, but in the spirit of current events, the noble twosome announced they had waived their fee “and encouraged everyone to donate money to relief efforts in Haiti.” This is just embarrassing. “Give a shout-out.” Like these drunken people  in Vegas are even coherent enough to know where they are, much less remember the quake from earlier in the week. “Just give a dollar.”  Uh-huh. Why not donate that Rolex or whatever it is on your right wrist that must have cost a ton? (Oops, wait- they both have them on. Nice.) Only in America. What, no guest appearance from Tila Tequila?