Never understood Dr. Smith

Now look.  I get the Jupiter 2.  Cool spaceship.  The Robinson family and their <ahem> daughters in silvery space suits.  The Robot, of course. Even the Boy Wonder Billy Mumy..a tradition carried on by Wil Wheaton on Star Trek: TNG.  But what about Dr. Smith?  His original intent was to sabotage the Jupiter 2, altering the robot’s programming, “Destroy!  Destroy!” Please. This simp couldn’t plot his way out of a paper bag.  “Will, the pain, the pain.”  Couldn’t that hothead Major West put him out of our misery in the pilot?  So of course, you can buy your very own Dr. Smith bust here, an uncanny likeness.

If you have some really big money, though- buy your own robot.  Twenty-five K, and you get a remote control.