Much love, Jim Goldman

One thing we all love about Jim Goldman of CNBC is that when our PR team leaks him stuff, he runs it exactly the way we tell him to. I mean exactly. Like, word for word. He doesn’t try to put his own spin on it, or interpret it, or analyze it — he just does what a reporter is supposed to do, and he reports. He takes very careful notes, and double-checks the spelling of names. He also has very neat handwriting. But I digress.

Today our team informed the world, through Jim Goldman, that I hate Eric Schmidt. Jim didn’t play up the hate part of the story — in fact he buried it below some garbled stuff about Bing and Yahoo and Microsoft and the price of iron ore. But we knew once he put it out there others would jump on it, and sure enough, Silicon Alley Insider pounced on it and made the hate stuff their headline.

Now, hate is a strong word, and one that violates my Buddhist beliefs. So I guess I need to say that I don’t really hate Eric. It’s like Charles Bukowski says about cops: I just seem to feel better when he’s not around.

And it’s all about setting up the big divorce we’ve got planned with Google, which in case you hadn’t figured out, is why they made all that noise about China. They figure it’s a distraction, and makes them look good, and they figured that this could proactively remove some of the stink we’re going to put on them next week. It’s dumb and clumsy, but one thing you can say about Google is that while they are good at many things, marketing and communications are not among them.

PS, if anyone wants to put some fun voice balloons on that photo and send them to me, I’ll be very happy to post them.