Mosspuppet looks back at 2009 predictions

He says he got all of these right.  Well, he’s not sure on #7.  Who are we to argue?  (I’d put bullet point numbers next to each of these, but WordPress says no, you can’t do that.)

  1. Michael Arrington will look like an idiot
  2. Steve Ballmer will remain bald
  3. No one will give a crap about Palm
  4. Steve Jobs will experience no health problems whatsoever
  5. Windows 7 will be released, reviled
  6. Safari will become most popular browser on the internet
  7. Leo Laporte will kill Robert Scoble
  8. John C. Dvorak will continue to be irrelevant, think he isn’t
  9. No one will understand what cloud computing is
  10. Google will release a new product that no one will understand (Wave)