Moses implores Pharoah to “Let MySQL Go”

I wrotes MySQL and ahm gonna make 'em set it free, yessir that's whut ahm gonna' do!

Despite Larry’s best machinations, the freetarder who wrote MySQL for Sun is trying to petition the European Commission to make Oracle make Sun Microsysytems allow MySQL be absolutely free – which I say, fine, let it be free, and see how long it lasts without any funding from somebody with deep pockets. It’ll sink faster than Firefox after Google cuts off its nads. Think it’ll last or survive like Wikipedia? Yeah, let’s have a fund drive for MySQL and Firefox next year, let’s see how that works out, yeah! Anyway, Larry is steamed this hasn’t settled down yet, he wanted this wrapped up before New Year’s and here it is the Epiphany.

I can't fuck like I usta and it's that damn freetard's fault! Waste his dumpy swedish ass!

It’s starting to throw Larry off his game, he was only able to score with three broads last night: it hardly counts! Monty, I hope your insurance is paid up, that’s all I’m saying, okay?