More Robots

Laugh now, but you're looking at the new enemy

As long as I’m on a roll here. In Europe they are successfully evolving, yes, evolving robots. These suckers root out the bad traits, learn to hunt, work with other robots and learn to be altruistic, too – towards other robots. Once again, a bunch of knuckleheads may be going a wee bit too far with the erector sets.

Wouldn't it suck if James Cameron is right?

Now I’m not suggesting that one day these binary tin cans may wonder what the hell are they doing working for the wet sloppy carbon units and go whup-ass on us one day, but, you know, scientists can do almost anything once they put their minds to it. It’s all in the interest of learning human behavior by creating machines that mimic our behavior. But, so what? Eventually you’re going to create a robot that’s an asshole, a sharp pointy robot that can hurt humans. Just to learn why some people are assholes. It’s what scientists do, people. They can’t help themselves, it’s their nature.

Today a book, tomorrow, a nightmare

What’s scarier is the nanobots. When those things start breeding and get a hive consciousness, it will not be a happy ending, boy that was a close one, Michael Creighton novel. It’s going to be holy shit, how the fuck are we gonna’ clean up this fine mess situation.