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Will the Kindle will be ascending to tech heaven?

Nice piece in ars technica musing on Amazon’s current strategy, now that the Kindle has some competition and its little holiday in the sun is now over. Couple of things to consider from article:

As the company’s somewhat rudimentary iPhone Kindle app shows, Amazon will eventually put its Kindle store on everything with a screen. Either that, or Amazon will be left hawking a me-too tablet to a customer base that is migrating to Barnes & Noble and other distributors and publishers.

and this:

The only way that Amazon doesn’t end up on iSlate is if Apple locks them out so that it can have the content market on the device all to itself. That’s within the realm of possibility, but Amazon will still put the Kindle Store on competing Windows 7 and Linux tablets, better enabling the latter to compete against Apple.

It is looking like in 2010 and 2011, what will be surely known as the content wars will get beyond contentious.