Meanwhile, back at the FCC

I can't imagine any other use for this, can you?

How the hell did I miss this? Remember those wireless mics you got when you were a kid, and how much fun you had driving you’re parents crazy making feedback happen on the radio? Well they still make ’em and they still drive your parents (and probably you, now!) crazy. Thing is, they make professional versions for public P.A. systems and the like that work in a very narrow700MHz band (Channels 52-69 on old UHF band). Well on Friday, the FCC made it illegal to sell or operate those type of mics that work on that frequency band and you got until June 12 to switch to new equipment. Why? That frequency band along with the other analogue TV frequencies will be employed for all them exciting 4G wireless devices, like, oh, I dunno, the iSlate.

Meanwhile, Google and Verizon are acting

Eric ponders his next bowel movement, while Sergey and Page look on in mute horror

like the Gambinos and Corleones (there is a truce or tempoaray cease fire) to make the FCC keep these particular pipes either open under net neutrality rules or not open, as under the old rules, which, so far, suck.