Kindle now app friendly …chirp, chirp, chirp

Any app developers out there wanna' write for The Kindle? Anybody out there? Anybody at all? Hello?

This happened about a year too late. Bezos has finally decided to let developers write applications for his beloved Kindle. Wonder why? Could it be that somebody is about to spoil his little eBook party?

Anybody remember Palm ? just sayin'

It certainly isn’t the Schnook. That thing is about as interesting a Palm IIIxe with a cracked display. Could it be that the heat from Cupertino is starting to worry you there, Jeff, baby? Trying to see if you can woo some of those potential Apple iSlate developers over to your platform before your users start using your device for kindling next winter? Let’s see whose stock price tanks first, eh, Jeff. I’d start shorting that Amazon stock, now kiddies, ‘cos this is gonna’ get ugly. I don’t see any reason why any developer would want to write for that ugly little ripoff of

You read about the Kindle here, first people

Douglas Adam’s vision. Too many friggin’ constraints to do anything useful. Hell, developers may abandon writing for the iPhone because writing for the iSlate would be like writing for God. Well, the humble pie will be good for you, Jeff, maybe¬† now, you’ll finally release those numbers on how many of those things you actually sold.