It’s not just Internet Explorer, Joe

I hate to agree with Joe Wilcox

Don't screw with me, lastangel-fucker!

on anything which is why I was so delighted to read this blogging from him this afternoon. Joe points out why Internet Explorer has always been a sucky browser, is a sucky browser and will always be a sucky browser but he gives half-assed advice on how to deal with the problem. It’s not enough to stop using Internet Explorer and switch to another browser like Firefox, Sea Monkey, Opera or Chrome. You have to remove it from the OS completely. But wait! Isn’t Internet Explorer built into the OS. Why yes, that’s right. And you only find Internet Explorer on Microsoft Windows (and those oh so few idiots who are still using Apple and Unix legacy computers with IE5 installed). So if you want to remove the threat or greatly reduce the danger, just dump Windows and Office, trash it. All of it. Buy Macs, or install Linux or BSD, it’s worth the minor annoyance and slight learning curve (which is better than dealing with Windows¬† 7 and the new Office)¬† than the fucking heartache and waste of time crap you put up with when dealing with Redmond. True, once IE, Office and Windows dominance lessens, filthy hackers will change their targets. But it’s going to be that much harder, because they won’t be trying to infiltrate crapware like Microsoft.