iSlate to spell end of free content on web?


Why, oh , why is the freakin’ New York Times going to start charging once again for its online content? The same reason other publications and periodicals are considering. They are partnering up with Apple to feature their content on the new iSlate and Apple is getting a 30% cut. Formalities with Harper-Collins is winding up, and many other publishers have been either signed up or are playing wait and see or being held back at arms length, for now. One reason FOX Business News got a bit of a exclusive is News Corp. will be one of Apple’s content providers. Oh, gee, no wonder the Wall Street Journal has been getting more than its fair share of leaks lately from Cupertino. This may inspire a lot more independent newsblogging when the iSlate takes off. It’ll be quite interesting seeing the conflict between citizen journalism over prepackaged, regurgitated controlled pay media.