iSlate postponed?

No relevant links for this story, this is from my own unnamed source(s). The miracle of Jobs may be pulled from the 27th Jan event, due to (1.) an unforeseen and unspecified battery problem, (2.) an unspecified problem with suppliers of touch screens, (3.) some unspecified licensing issues, (4.) Jobs wants to show off upcoming Apple search and some cloud services Apple is developing, just to unnerve Google even further. Jobs may decide to unveil the thing of  beauty on the 27th, anyway, with a very limited demo. But the serious talk is about moving the unveiling to April 1, 2010, a Thursday, the company’s anniversary, and have units in stores and available to order immediately after the demo.

Welcome to the club, Lastangel-fuckwad!

Then again, I could be getting Grubered, which would be an honor or disgrace, of sorts. The only time I remembered something like that happened was one of my Google insiders fed me a line of bull that I swallowed like cat turds on a fish hook – man, did I get reeled in – regarding Google buying a certain Scandinavian browser company. Well, we know how that turned out …

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