“I still believe it was a great idea”

That is precisely what Steve Case says in the clip below.  We all know what idea he means.  Um, Steve-O?  Maybe you didn’t get the memo. It was the worst deal in the history of the galaxy.  And you, my friend, were at the epicenter.  Ground Zero for the biggest failure ever.  Not just of the last decade.  Or the last century.  Ever.  So please lose that smirk.  Check this link.  It says, “But only two months later, (after the merger,) the tech market took its first major hit and never recovered. AOL, in particular, was a serious casualty. At the end of 2003, shareholders in AOL Time Warner had lost over $200 billion in equity value.” Still think it was a good idea, Steve?  Geez, at least Gerry seems contrite.

CNBC takes a look tonight, 10pm ET.  “Marriage from Hell: The Breakup of AOL Time Warner.”