Howard bets farm on 3-D TV

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Jobs will not get hand, this time!

Former Welsh hobbit and non-Japanese Sony Chairman Howard Stringer has a plan. He wants Sony to be the technology and market leader in 3-D technology. Sony has hit it out of the ballpark with “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs“, but movies is risky business. Howard plans on Sony putting 3-D in the home, too. Panansonic is already there, with Disney and News Corp. doing all the usual fuzzy partnership things. It’s going to be a tough sell as consumers already took the leap of faith with HDTV, it may be too soon to bring 3-D to the mix. The main problem for Sony is getting all its divisions on board and on the same page. Howard is tired of watching Sony getting left behind in every field where it used to be dominant. He has had one stick in the mud dragging his feet, slowing up the pace, until he relieved him of his duties and replaced with a quartet of young hungry go-getters.  Sony will be heavily sponsoring ESPN for their upcoming 3-D sports network. And there’s also the first 3-D Blue Ray DVD player, too  (expect Blue Ray 3-D versions of all Pixar’s offerings in time for Christmas and some choice Disney titles, like The Nightmare Before Christmas). I’m gonna’ feel sorry for Bilbo if he can’t pull this off, I’m gonna’ feel real bad if Apple puts out something that will leave Sony behind with its jaw hanging somewhere below its knees, as well as its P&L.

Sorry about that, Howard! Love, Steve Jobs